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Signature Steak Selections


The memory of a great cut of beef stays with you long after the table has been cleared. Which is why we use only the freshest and finest cuts.


We can cut your steaks to order.


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The "Other" White Meat


Delicious pork chops, thick cut chops, roast, bacon, sausages & more will keep you coming back to these tasty meat choices.


  • 35 special brat flavors available seasonal.
  • Once you taste our brats, you will choose them for your family picnic every time.
  • Traditional flavor plus our many amazing flavor brats


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Deliciously Juicy!


Chicken breasts.


No salt or water added to our poultry.


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Fish / Sea Food

Let's not forget the Surf!


Taste the difference our fish makes

  • Wild Caught Salmon
  • Tilapia
  • Catfish Fillets
  • Wild Caught Cod
  • Bluegill Fillets
  • Breaded Butterfly Shrimp


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