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Average Hanging Weight

Sides (Average Wt. 350 lb.)

Split Sides (Average Wt. 175 lb.)

Front Quarter (Average Wt. 175 lb.)

Hind Quarter (Average Wt. 175 lb.)

*Prices subject to change.

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Pork Loin - $3.99 lb.

Whole Pig - $440.00

Half Pig - $220.00

Total cost to figure on exact weights.  Weights may vary.

*Prices subject to change.

Harbach Meats participates in the Illinois Sportsmen Against Hunger Program.  We accept deer with a $20.00 deposit.  The meat will be donated to local food banks.



Skin Deer $25.00

Skin & Cape $55.00

Bone out Hinds $10.00 ea

Take Your Hide $10.00

Bone & Cut Up $60.00

(price includes cutting, grinding & packaging)

WE remove organ, heart, lung, etc $5.00 per organ

WE remove bung hole $10.00



We need 25# batches per item

This breaks down to 17# venison plus 8# beef or pork added.  The following prices are for venison weight only.  Prices subject to change.



Summer Sausage $2.39 lb.

Snack Sticks 3.39 lb.

BBQ Summer Sausage 2.99 lb.

BBQ Snack Sticks 3.99 lb.

Bologna 2.09 lb.

Ring Bologna 3.39 lb.

Hotdogs 2.69 lb.

Brats (Italian or Polish) 1.69 lb.

Sausage (Link and / or Bulk) 1.69 lb.

Landjaegers (6 pair per pack or more) 3.39 lb.


No Required batch size on the following items:

Jerky Strips (raw wt.) 3.69 lb.

Dried Venison (raw wt.) 3.29 lb.

Ground Venison (Ground & Wrapped) 0.89 lb.



ATTENTION: We can sell your deer for processing if not picked up (House Bill 2804) and deposit will be forfeited.

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